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The Law Office of Steven Ellman specializes in securing favorable verdicts for clients with DUI/DWI, traffic violation, and personal injury cases. For over 35 years Attorney Steven Ellman has been aggressively, passionately, and successfully advocating for his clients. Whether in the courtroom or at an arbitration hearing, Steven is laser-focused on helping his clients resolve their legal issues promptly, receive fair compensation where applicable, and move forward with their lives. He is known for treating all his clients with the utmost respect, listening to their concerns, giving them options, and helping them make informed decisions about how to best proceed with their cases.

What separates Steven from other attorneys is his belief that every client deserves the best possible outcome for their legal issues, and is entitled to respect, honest representation, transparency, complete disclosure, and reasonable fees. He prides himself on developing meaningful connections with his clients with clear communication, helping them to easily understand what often are complex legal issues, and ensuring that they fully understand the process they are going through.

Simply put, he cares more and works harder for his clients all while being humble, assuring, personable, and accessible. Knowing how stressful a DUI or DWI charge, traffic violation case, or personal injury matter can be, he inspires a sense of security and peace of mind for his clients. In every case, he spends the time to make sure that they understand the process and know he is compassionate, professional, and will go above and beyond their expectations to help resolve their cases.

Outside of the courtroom, Steven is devoted to his wife and son, and believes in giving back to his community. Over the years he has taken many pro bono cases as well as volunteered for the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and various food kitchens. In the past, he also spent years in Thailand volunteering at a local elementary school teaching math, English, history, and physical education. There, he helped develop a library donation program through volunteer organizations and private donors to establish a formal library and coordinated the donation of iPads for student use. More than just an attorney, he advocates for his clients and seeks to inspire change and make a difference in his client’s lives, often helping them to chart a new course in life after overcoming their legal issues.

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Mr. Ellman and his staff helped me out of a complicated matter and got me a very just solution. Also, as everyone struggled with financial matters during Covid, his fees and payment options allowed me to obtain legal counsel without suffering from the crisis of being unable to afford help or going into major debt. He is extremely caring, gracious, and I’m very glad I retained him. Thank you to him and his team!

-Mare K.

I would recommend Steven to anyone in need! He did an amazing job with my case. I got the best possible outcome. He was so patient and understanding with me, answered all of my questions, and really came through for me! I will always be forever grateful! Thank you Steven!

-Michelle R.

If you have a DUI charge, have recently been in a traffic accident, or need an award-winning attorney to settle your personal injury claim, contact us today so we can get to work for you!