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Why Choose The Law Office of Steven Ellman?

Have you been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI)? You have much on the line, from your reputation to your freedom and financial stability. Facing DUI charges can feel daunting. It may also feel very isolating, leaving you struggling to find the advice and support you need. You must select the right DUI defense attorney to help you navigate the challenging New Jersey criminal justice system.

The Law Office of Steven Ellman can help you face what’s to come. Steven Ellman is a New Jersey DUI defense attorney who cares about his

 clients.  He believes everyone he works with deserves the most effective legal representation possible and goes above and beyond to deliver results.

A DUI is not a situation you can talk your way out of. You need immediate and aggressive representation from an experienced DUI defense attorney. It’s time to discuss your situation with Steven Ellman.

Steven Ellman’s Legacy: 39 Years in DUI Defense

For more than 39 years, Steven Ellman has been passionately fighting to protect the rights of his clients, advocating for them and providing effective DUI representation. He has helped thousands of clients get their cases dismissed in that time, achieving the most favorable outcome possible for the circumstances of their cases.

Individuals charged with DUIs often find themselves stigmatized. During his decades working in DUI defense cases, Steven Ellman has focused on providing the clients he works for with compassion and understanding during this challenging time in their lives. Everyone deserves compassion and peace of mind from the professional they choose to work with. These are qualities Steven Ellman always offers his clients.

High Success Rate: An Impressive 80% Dismissal Rate

The prospect of a DUI case going to trial is frightening. No one wants to end up inside a courtroom, waiting for a jury to decide their fate. Although it is necessary for some DUI cases to go to trial, Steven Ellman has an impressive DUI case dismissal rate. 

A dismissal ends a criminal prosecution without a conviction for the accused defendant. Dismissals are common in cases that lack evidence or include rights violations or procedural errors.

One of the factors that make Steven Ellman such an effective criminal defense attorney is his ability to thoroughly review a case and find elements that weaken the prosecution’s case, such as inadmissible evidence, testing result errors, procedural errors, and violations of a defendant’s rights. He can use these findings to lead to the eventual dismissal of the DUI charges. He is detail-oriented and works aggressively to poke holes in the prosecution’s case to the point where a trial becomes pointless. This tenacity and passion for the legal process have resulted in his exceptional DUI dismissal rate.

Steven Ellman’s client reviews resonate with the trust his clients place in him. They frequently mention his constant communication throughout the case, the comfort they feel when a lawyer from the Law Office of Steven Ellman handles their case, and their tenacity in pursuing the desired results.

Affordability Meets Quality: Transparent Fees and Payment Plans

You cannot talk your way out of a DUI. You need effective and aggressive legal representation to help protect your rights and work for a more favorable outcome. However, many people fear seeking legal help because of the cost. Steven Ellman strongly believes cost should not prevent someone from getting the quality defense representation they need. He charges affordable legal fees and offers convenient monthly payment plans to those he represents. He is also upfront and honest about his fee structure, so you know what you are getting into. There are no hidden fees or surprise costs at the end of the process.

At the Law Office of Steven Ellman, we understand that hiring an attorney can be financially intimidating. However, consider the cost of moving forward with your DUI case alone or alongside an overworked and underpaid court-appointed lawyer. DUI convictions can lead to significant financial hardships such as fines, court costs, lost income, and higher insurance premiums. A DUI conviction can also jeopardize your career and make accessing housing and financial services harder. 

There is a lot on the line. Steven Ellman offers affordable prices and convenient payment options to ensure you get the quality legal representation you deserve.

Honest Evaluations: Compassion and Respectful Representation

Sugarcoating a situation makes us feel good. However, an overly optimistic description is not a fair or accurate portrayal of the circumstances we may be facing. Steven Ellman understands that you want to hear good news during this challenging time and hope for the best. Yet, that doesn’t help you effectively prepare for the difficulties you may face with the New Jersey criminal justice system.

At the Law Office of Steven Ellman, our compassionate legal team is sensitive to your situation. However, Steven Ellman doesn’t believe in sugarcoating your situation. You can count on him to offer you the honest and straightforward truth about your situation and how he can help you overcome the challenges. Using clear and effective communication techniques, Mr. Ellman helps you understand the complexities of the criminal justice system and ensure you know what to expect from the legal process. He is there for you when you need him. 

Steven Ellman also offers his clients respectful representation. Being charged with a DUI doesn’t make you a criminal or someone less worthy of respect and compassion. You are an individual, not a stereotype. Steven Ellman takes the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and advocate for you every step of the way. 

Contact a DUI Defense Attorney in New Jersey Today

Are you ready to discuss your case with an experienced New Jersey DUI defense attorney? It’s time to contact the Law Office of Steven Ellman. Steven Ellman is one of the premier DUI attorneys in New Jersey and will fight to protect your legal rights. 

You want to overcome the challenge presented by your DUI charge and move forward with your life. Let Steven Ellman help. There are no hidden fees, and we can arrange convenient payment plans that meet your needs. Contact Steven Ellman’s Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey office for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Steven Ellman?