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New Jersey Traffic Violation Lawyer

New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Did you receive a traffic ticket or get arrested for a motor vehicle offense in New Jersey? If so, resolving your case may require more than paying a small fine. A conviction for a traffic offense can have long-lasting consequences, including the potential for driver’s license suspension and even jail time. You need skilled legal counsel to help you pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

For over 39 years, award-winning attorney Steven Ellman has advocated for the rights of clients facing various traffic charges throughout New Jersey. Few law firms can match his impressive

case results, including a success rate of over 80 percent in having DUI/DWI and traffic offense charges dismissed. When you hire our firm, you can expect the respect, compassion, and communication you deserve during this challenging time.

If you’ve received a New Jersey traffic ticket, talk to an experienced lawyer before paying a fine or accepting other penalties for the violation. Contact the Law Offices of Steven Ellman today for a free consultation with a traffic violation lawyer about your legal options.

Understanding Your Traffic Ticket Situation

At the Law Offices of Steven Ellman, we represent clients who have received citations for all kinds of traffic offenses in New Jersey, including:

  • Texting while driving
  • Speeding
  • Street racing
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Improper passing
  • Failure to observe a traffic signal
  • Tailgating
  • Improper passing of a school bus
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license 
  • Driving without car insurance
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI)

Don’t accept the penalties for a traffic violation. While you might assume that you will only have to pay a small fine, convictions on traffic tickets can result in more expensive or severe penalties.


Fines for many traffic violations range from $50 to $200, plus additional mandatory court costs. However, fines for serious offenses, such as reckless driving, DWI, or leaving the scene of an accident, can range from $500 to several thousand dollars. 

Points on Driving Record

New Jersey has a points system for driving records. Depending on the violation, drivers convicted of a traffic offense may receive two to eight points on their driving record per offense. Accumulating 12 points or more will result in a temporary driver’s license suspension. The length of suspension will depend on how many points a driver has on their record, ranging from 30 to 180 days. 

In New Jersey, drivers can remove three points from their record after 12 months without another traffic offense. Drivers can remove two points every five years by completing a state-approved defensive driving course. Drivers may also have three points removed by completing a Driver Improvement Program. 


A driver convicted of a traffic offense may have to pay a surcharge depending on the violation or their driving record. Some traffic offenses carry mandatory surcharges charged annually for three years following conviction, including convictions for driving without a valid license, driving without insurance, or DWI. Drivers who accumulate six or more points on their driving record within three years also must pay a surcharge of $150 plus $25 for each point over six. 

Higher Auto Insurance Costs

Traffic offense convictions can also increase a driver’s auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies can access a policyholder’s driving record. If they have convictions, the insurer may view them as a riskier driver.

Jail Time

Some traffic violations, including reckless driving, DWI, or leaving the scene of an accident, may result in jail or prison time. Incarceration is especially possible when the offense involves an accident that causes injuries or fatalities.

How We Approach Your Traffic Ticket Case

You may want to resolve your traffic ticket independently, but doing so can be challenging. If you request a hearing for your ticket, the outcome may come down to your word against the police officer who issued the ticket.  You need experienced legal representation to prepare a thorough, tailored defense and pursue a favorable outcome for your case. 

At the Law Offices of Steven Ellman, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case to build a solid defense against the charges. That way, we can vigorously pursue a reduction or dismissal of your charges. Depending on the type of traffic offense you were cited for, we might use various defense strategies to contest your charges, such as:

  • Challenging whether the arresting officer’s radar gun or police cruiser speedometer had undergone necessary calibration
  • Challenging the officer’s qualifications to conduct field sobriety testing
  • Challenging the proper calibration of Alcotest machines
  • Showing that the arresting officer failed to follow the correct breath testing procedures
  • Contesting whether law enforcement had reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the traffic stop

Benefits of Hiring the Law Offices of Steven Ellman

The skilled traffic ticket attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Ellman have a proven record of success defending clients’ rights and interests. Over the years, our advocacy has led to the dismissal of charges in over 80 percent of the cases we’ve handled. Some of our successful case results include:

  • A client charged with DWI, reckless/careless driving, and failure to maintain lane had their case dismissed.
  • A client charged with DWI, reckless/careless driving, failure to maintain lane, and driving without insurance had all charges dismissed.
  • A client charged with DWI and failure to maintain lane had charges reduced to a charge of failure to maintain lane.
  • A client facing numerous traffic violations, including DWI, speeding, and driving without a license, had their case reduced to a reckless driving charge.
  • A client charged with DWI and other offenses, including open container and reckless driving, had the charges reduced to making an unsafe lane change.
  • A client charged with DWI and careless/reckless driving had the case reduced to a careless driving charge.

Connect With Our New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyers

If you were ticketed for a traffic violation in Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey, you deserve knowledgeable legal counsel to protect your rights and advise you on your options for resolving the case. Contact the Law Offices of Steven Ellman today for a free, confidential consultation with a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer.

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